Sunday, 26 October 2008

The journey begins...

The journey starts before it begins. The journey starts at around the time Dad first mentions the Great Rift Valley and Mum talks of arriving without a house built for her and baby Cathy, of children walking miles to school and of running out of petrol thankfully at the top of the hill so they were able to cruise down all the way to the petrol station at the bottom.

But this blog will need to start later than that lest I'm still describing the start after the actual journey begins.


your sister-in-birth said...

What a great idea for us to be able to follow your journey - physical and metaphysical. It is such a brilliant thing to do and you know I wish you every success and happiness in this adventure.
love from your sister-in-everything xxxx

Ian Thorn said...

At least I will know what is happening to you and maybe you can send more information about the Children's Project this way.
Love, Dad.